edot32123 Publish time 2018-1-21 05:17:00

Black screen

Edited by edot32123 at 2018-1-21 05:23

Hi I'm only experiencing black screen issues on US servers while the EU servers work perfectly fine.

I've done the tips provided by the sticky post from the mod but still unable to access the US servers.

The only solution I found was to play on the US servers was to use a VPN but ideally I don't want to be using a vpn.

rambo1998123 Publish time 2018-1-21 05:43:54

It's the server, gotta wait till it's opened up again.

Nadarr Publish time 2018-1-21 14:17:51

What's going on with EU s409 ????? !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vexile Publish time 2018-1-22 10:35:11

same on eu406 blackscreen for 3 days now
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