mayf1ower Publish time 2018-3-19 00:03:07

Genryusai or Ukitake?

Hello there. I'm a low p2w player (VIP 4) with 81 lvl, 600k BP and god tank team Hyori+Noza user (at not-so-distant future).My squad after 100 is Noza-Main-Kirinji-Urahara(Shinso later, when i could T1 him). The main choice is Red Ukitake with ex-skill vs. Yama.

+ Buff the whole team for 15-40% attack.
+ Better in PvE
+ Faster (cause Kirinji and Hyori)
+ Good at both PvP and PvE, can switch from protect bottom line to buff everyone damage.
+ Possible to use 2 tanks strategy (main with 7 skill)

+ Stronger
+ Make team damage more versatile (my main is mage, with Uki my team got 4 kido users + tank)
+ Cool debufs for PvP
+ Basically free

My spirit stones is okay (lvl 5-7), but nothing special. Got gold attack hogyoku, purple def and hp. One firelord set at Kirinji, one more later for Kenpachi.
So, that's it. I'll be glad to hear any advices, thank you very much. :)

IchigoTensito Publish time 2018-3-19 17:22:56

Why not both?

soulkai Publish time 2018-3-20 16:39:01

Both of them

Ururu_chan Publish time 2018-3-24 03:19:02

can't help for pve since i have no clue on your formation and zanp.
...tho we can already tell/remind that kirinji and yama are NOT pve partners (void excluded)

in pvp yama is ok when facing low-mid VIP / imo Resureccion is still better (fury regen) but you may need more time to gather his frags if you're working on Noza -T1 is absolutely necessary

yama-ji is very slow and vs higher VIP, you can expect to fight much faster partners (yama may not even have time to use his skill)
with hyorin i would recommand a 3-1-1

ukitake can be of some use in both pvp/pve

mayf1ower Publish time 2018-4-30 17:10:02

Edited by mayf1ower at 2018-4-30 17:35

At first, thanks for help. "Get both" was really the best direction for me. :)
Now I'm at lvl 100, respectively, with Komamura - Main(T1) - Yama(T1) - Kirinji - Urahara(T1). At start Kiri and Ura attacks enemy vanguard, main+Yama clean weak enemies/debuff strong, and Kirinji at round 2 with 150k+ speed finish what remains.
Red Uki is worse than Yama for PvP, it isnt even a question. Yeah, he's faster, but non-ex skill is really weak in comparision. So right now i'm using him from the bench just for PvE.
And yes, i'm totally going for 3-1-1 later with Uki Ex or CSB Aizen. But right now Yama is too useful for a change.
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