TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-3-28 00:40:21

Sternritter Uryu Ishida & Byakuya Recall

Dear players,

We're recalling Sternritter Uryu Ishida & Byakuya due to the Fool's Day Event programme bug for some players, and corresponding compensation will be sent at the same time once the partner is deleted.

Bleach Online Operating Team

Mar 28, 2018

MuGtSuU Publish time 2018-3-28 06:19:51


CryLight Publish time 2018-3-28 06:43:38

Holy...Operating team existed?????

badbone Publish time 2018-3-28 13:23:59

they show of like Publish time 2018-3-28 19:02:24

Holy...Operating team existed?????
wow ikr lol.

lexdgd Publish time 2018-4-2 03:01:37

yes hhhhhh

sivern Publish time 2018-4-7 11:39:31

Edited by sivern at 2018-4-9 11:27

so every one being deleted now?

lexdgd Publish time 2018-4-12 10:16:56

no one delete her hero in our server what this

sivern Publish time 2018-4-14 13:37:30

lol well not all deleted lol, lucky for them :lol i know some one but i wont tell hahaha

GamingUnleashed Publish time 2018-4-22 01:52:14

ofcause, a bug gives something away for free so then you actually do something and remove them

meanwhile, you would not fix a bug that cost me a partner 2+ years ago when I bought Bankia Rukia and accidentally sold her instead of activating ...
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