poolooh Publish time 2018-3-31 01:39:49

tournament of throne

facebook server i did not receive my prize being 4th level and im out in the next tournament even though im qualified

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-1 19:38:14

Hi, please send us your character name, server and a screenshot of the event if you can

poolooh Publish time 2018-4-1 23:03:40

facebook server s212 name kai aoi tnx

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-2 01:03:21

US or EU?

poolooh Publish time 2018-4-2 01:12:15

i play in facebook server s212

poolooh Publish time 2018-4-2 01:15:34

in facebook server there is no us or eu just s212

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-2 02:02:19

Which day did the error happen? Apr 1?

poolooh Publish time 2018-4-2 02:24:03

saturday ( 31/03/2018) i did not received my reward been 4th rank from tot then i could not join the next tournament.

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-2 19:38:06

Hi, the rule is At 00:30 every Saturday the relatively strongest top 8 players of current realm will be involved and divided into 4 groups. Battle starts at 21:05 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Players can be selected to compete but no battle on Saturday

poolooh Publish time 2018-4-3 00:58:26

i know thats why i complaining if u check my bp im qualified as one of top 8 players and every saturday at 00:30 they give reward  from last week tournament for top 8 player thats also i did received.thanks
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