Sk3l3tor Publish time 2018-4-3 02:11:52

EU S583 Home bug

Hi guys,

Sever EU S583 has a bug where the things you do at "Home" are not refreshing daily like Lucky Cat, Konso, and Girlfriend interactions. Can someone please help

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-3 19:49:08

OK, our devs will check it asap

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-3 22:57:39

Hi, can you send us a screenshot of the not refreshed each event interface?

Sk3l3tor Publish time 2018-4-4 12:21:30

Hi, see all attachments but here is a list:

Lucky Cat
Konso (and Konso at neighbours)
Girl Friend Interact
Girl Friend Party
Girl Friend Soul Interaction
Throw Dice
Slave Extract EXP (Couldn't screen shot this because I am currently a slave ;( :( )

P.S I included a Summary image at the end.

Sk3l3tor Publish time 2018-4-4 13:12:14

Actually, I don't really care anymore. I asked for help regarding my rebate and I barely got assistance. This bug has been present since the server was released like 3 days ago. I also have a ridiculous pay to win player on the server anyway so I am done.

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-7 20:50:22

Our devs have checked the bug, does it still exist now? If so, please send us your character name, we will check it again

Sk3l3tor Publish time 2018-4-8 05:37:46

It seems fixed now Publish time 2018-5-2 00:21:47

hi im from eu583,
home has not reset in 4 days already,labor glory does not open at all-it says server bissy...that event has one day left! hueco mondo doesnt work too.
im kinda pissed off,so sorry if im rude.we`ve lost alot on that server.pls fix it
server name Dess :(

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-5-2 03:18:02

The problem have reported to devs Publish time 2018-5-2 17:58:26

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TheAdmiral replied at 2018-5-2 03:18 static/image/common/back.gif
The problem have reported to devs
thank you verry much,home has finaly reset but  another player told me his home did not reset.his name is KyoumaJohnny.and labor glory is still bugged,it says event server bissy.
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