LiveDerpy Publish time 2018-4-5 20:19:58


Hey recently I made disputes on paypal for payments I never made.
I got in contact with you guys about it being banned for it, and came to an agreement, that if they were closed you would unban me, the disputes/claims have been fix and taken care of.
I have tried to get in contact with you guys for the past almost a week with no replies, with the account still banned.

RiadDahoe Publish time 2018-4-5 21:48:46

COme on Gogames. sort his problems out..... it is taking 2 long....

rythen Publish time 2018-4-6 05:02:22

Theres are Holidays in China, so I think you need to wait until Monday.

LiveDerpy Publish time 2018-4-8 01:21:29

Thanks Rythen, I hope they see this post.

alicantibet Publish time 2018-4-8 17:56:30

LiveDerpy replied at 2018-4-8 07:21 static/image/common/back.gif
Thanks Rythen, I hope they see this post.


LiveDerpy Publish time 2018-4-10 15:53:59

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Username: LiveDerpy, Server US 91, Ingame name: Harada Nami

Fantastic isn't it? 10/10 Support, can't even stick to the agreements.
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