Lennthel Publish time 2018-4-19 14:15:09

Can't Access Mail, Home or Nemu Class

It's as the title says. In game on my server I am unable to click on the Home, Nemu Class or Mail icons on the bottom of the screen, but I can access everything else just fine. I've tried on multiple browsers and it's  the same on all of them, is anyone else having this problem?

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-19 19:17:32

Try different browsers. Also make sure your flash and java are updated. Scan you computer( advance system care is a good option) . Clear cashe. Dont have to much open or music streaming programme's ( or stuff like that ) running n the back ground it all might help. Please try it

Potdenutella Publish time 2018-4-19 23:35:52

If it's only the Home, Nemu Class and Mail button then it's the Kon's head staying at the front of them, preventing you to access the functions. Zoom the page out and make sure the Kon is outside of the game's screen to fix your problem.
If by any chances you use an AdBlock to remove the Kon's head, that won't work, you may have removed the head but its "soul" still stay at the front of the icons.

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-20 03:50:08

Can you send us a screenshot of all the event problem?
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