Sharpshooter05tr Publish time 2018-4-25 20:52:32

I'm having trouble logging in 3 days ago.

Edited by Sharpshooter05tr at 2018-4-25 21:48

I'm having trouble logging into server 154, after loading the data it crashes on the 'login game server' screen and does not load anymore. But this problem is only occurring in the event of the candy that login can recruit characters. I really do not know if the problem is only with me but I have already lost 3 days of login and I will not be able to recruit the characters I wanted, very sad this is a disrespect with the users. Note: I have already cleared the cache, cleared the browser history, unzipped, restarted tried several other browsers, uninstalled and installed the flash player. I do not know if this problem is purposeful in the users not catch the characters at last shame of this company.

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-4-26 01:48:31

The game was in maintenance and it is normal now, please try again, please make sure you have good network

ulumax0099 Publish time 2018-4-26 05:15:59

I registered to CSB every day and I have not registered it for 3 days:@ :@

Sharpshooter05tr Publish time 2018-4-26 09:50:22

The problem remains the same, yes my internet is stable, there is no fall. I still can not enter the game 4 days ago, sad.
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