h9tzxf2liatj Publish time 2018-5-16 16:50:42

Log-in issues again

Having trouble logging in again this month. Tried other browsers, cleaned caches, nothing working again. Type in information click on log in and screen loops back to beginning with all fields cleared. Getting annoying again!!

Koalacups Publish time 2018-6-19 11:54:02

I need some serious help from an admin member. I have been trying to reach the admins for a really long time now and I am quite angry at this issue.

Ok so I used use a different email (email #1) to login into bleach online..... then I tried to switch my emails on my bleach gogames account from (email #1) to (email #2) and now bleach wont let me login into my account. This is a FORMAL COMPLAINT about the system being bugged.

I am on server US 506 named as AngryHammy and I am a VIP 6 on this server.

I am using my OLD account to write this formal complaint as I had previous login issues with this account as well. So if you need to contact me then please use private message at hotbase1234@gmail.com which is infact my (email #2) and DO NOT contact hylaraque@yahoo.com (email #1) as I have deactivated (email #1).


el-rey-alban@hotmail.es Publish time 2018-6-19 19:10:39

I'm the same

Speak Spanish??

el-rey-alban@hotmail.es Publish time 2018-6-19 19:12:06

I have the same problem

TheAdmiral Publish time 2018-6-19 19:37:32

Which server?

el-rey-alban@hotmail.es Publish time 2018-6-20 00:33:54

EU 240 a 243 my name is Berserker
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