Charlie Publish time 2015-2-10 01:05:11

Sever Maintenance on February 10, 2015

Dear Players,

We'll be updating our game servers on February 10, 2015, from 1:00 AM to 5:00 AM CST (7:00 AM to 11:00 AM GMT). During this period, you'll not be able to login the game or play in the game. Please make sure to log out before this period to avoid any potential issues. We're sorry for the inconveniences and thank you for your understanding and support.


Gogames Operating Team

Ragnet Publish time 2015-2-10 01:24:02

Why is the date 2014?

ajoalex Publish time 2015-2-10 01:57:28

looks like a US and EU server maintenance. Will there be a changelog/patch notes for this if actually there is some update? Publish time 2015-2-10 02:02:22

sad face , year 2014 they say i must be playing it a year later in the future i guess.. i would been able to log out if i was given the warning during the game lol

afoiefjaef;;qk Publish time 2015-2-10 02:04:54

Edited by afoiefjaef;;qk at 2015-2-10 01:11

*non-happy face* give ppl patch note!!

Jhean02 Publish time 2015-2-10 02:05:01

              Publish time 2015-2-10 02:06:24

Edited by at 2015-2-10 02:58

but be nice to know what the maintance is for though...
i need ma bleach fix lol
gues i go watch some anime while i wait impatioently

heres our swp problem

Leitzur Publish time 2015-2-10 02:08:46

Edited by Leitzur at 2015-2-10 01:14

did they close down all server to do maintenance? just hoping unmerged servers are merged now

and just by around 1 month difference, they do merge again, i guess server population really went downrate at fast pace
it would be nice if there's merge server list:) Publish time 2015-2-10 02:32:00

non happy face what lol....

traxson Publish time 2015-2-10 02:45:37

nice getting pets and they getting ready for valentines event but not fixing the mod expiry date which is really bad i reckon
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