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Introduce Pet System

Please look at the pictures below:

First of all, we’ll enter Mod Soul’s Home and you’ll see a list on the right side of your screen and you can receive corresponding Mod Soul Giftpacks here,

Requirements of receiving giftpacks:

Once you have received the giftpacks, let's have a look at the backpack and you’ll see the Mod Soul fragments here.

And here comes a question – what can we do with a Mod Soul fragment? You may have noticed that we have fragments of Shinji Hirako, Espada 10 and Hollow, and yes, they are the corresponding fragments of the Mod Souls and will be useful for recruiting and upgrading your Mod Soul.

OK, let me tell you the function of the icons in this system.

Take a look at the picture, you'll realize that in this system the key to success is to collect enough cultivating points to upgrade your Mod Soul. What I have to say is, respectively, you'll have a Main Mod Soul and a Second Mod Soul.

The main function of your Main Mod Soul is to add extra attributes to all the partners in your formation.

The Second Mod Soul is just a production which you may get from the giftpacks and it’ll add specific attributes to a specific character, like attack, speed, defense, etc.

Now let's try upgrade your Main Mod Soul – use your cultivating pills to upgrade it and when your Main Mod Soul hits certain level, the next phase of its modification will be activated.

OK, now we'll show you how to recruit and use a Second Mod Soul.

We'll discuss relevant functions inside the Second Mod Soul's Academy step by step.

Synthesis means that you can synthesize a Second Mod Soul with corresponding fragments. Once the icon of the Mod Soul was lit, you'll be able to recruit it.

Then you can upgrade the recruited Mod Soul with corresponding fragments.

You can distribute the Mod Soul to the ones needed in your formation and in return, extra attributes will be added to the specific character.

Our last stop is the Second Mod Soul’s Training Camp

Briefly, you can upgrade your Second Mod Soul here and gain corresponding experience in different cultivating modes.

Attenrath Publish time 2015-2-10 19:45:42

i cant see that Mod Soul's Home buttun on my screen
first fix that and then u can do the introduce

BurakCinar Publish time 2015-2-10 19:52:54

ahhhh so OMG was a dummy char xD was fun facing all those partners lol

ibromvlieg Publish time 2015-2-10 20:08:43

Attenrath replied at 2015-2-11 01:45 static/image/common/back.gif
i cant see that Mod Soul's Home buttun on my screen
first fix that and then u can do the introduce

idk about u, but it's working fantastic. and not hard at all to understand how it works.

BaldrenG Publish time 2015-2-10 20:40:01

I have a problem the button does not appear, on the screen

ajoalex Publish time 2015-2-10 22:34:09

image embed gone wrong?
it should be
instead of

then only can we see them

LostBeggar Publish time 2015-2-11 00:54:09

you are doing a great job, just keep edit it then u will get it.

heartunderblade Publish time 2015-2-11 05:13:33

will there be other advanced mod souls later in the game besides hirako?

BaldrenG Publish time 2015-2-11 18:20:56

please do something, still dont appears the mod soul house icon

Leitzur Publish time 2015-2-11 23:13:50

Edited by Leitzur at 2015-2-11 22:32

please make in-game explanation text smaller or something, because we cannot see amount of frags needed to upgrade as a piece of text is unseen (expecially with longer names like dondochakka, aaruniero and shinji)
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