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acc for acc

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hello there .
I will change unlimited ninja vip4 account for account bleach online vip5 or vip6.
server EU
My acc:.
Vip lvl.4
Lv: 113       Bp: pve 7,3m pvp 8,3m+
Golds: after growth plan 60k+ golds (there is two more bets on poland and japan, if poland and japan won the match, i will have 80k+ golds)
coupons:( 26,000-28,000)...
silvers: maybe 1b (+/-)...
team : minato/naruto vang..... Assaulter: hiden/kakuzu..... Support : Terumi Mei/ Tsunade and Sasuke/Sakura
pets: Santa and one good pet (forget name) + two no event pets...
kaguya power lv.4 : left 340+ days...
bleach acc must have: little golds for shinigami agent,maybe 4-7k+ and coupons ofc... (know that this game need more $$$)...
then: at least few event ninjas and lvl. 70+ on main...
if you are interested PM me!!!
p.s i will give you more info where you can check my acc, cant put pictures here...  registered member :(

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