Publish time 2018-6-25 09:05:09

Use of gold for Free2P

Alright guys. Everyone knows you start off with 90 gold when ur not topping up. What is the best way to use it on besides the shinigami ultimate armor? I'm pretty sure that's a noob trap along with the gold gambling. However I'm really tempted to gold gamble but I need reasurrance though. Looking answers from experienced players. Thank you!

Odinminion Publish time 2018-6-28 07:11:28

save it for inherit ,or u wait event give free gold, I forgot name event,

Ururu_chan Publish time 2018-6-28 13:43:08

inherit costs 50 to 500, and may (will) be very usefull later on
above level 100/110 most of your early-game partners will be just useless... and you will be glad if you can inherit at least 1 of them.

as you could guess, the gambling thing is just a "trap" (don't expect to get any kind of rewards from this) Publish time 2018-7-2 14:27:46

so should i wait to inherit the good partners or naw? is this the thing that makes them a rank up for example shinji from yellow to red. the thing added in 2016?
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