vpmh87 Publish time 2018-7-6 06:38:30


Recently, our server has been suffering random disconnects and people are not able to log back in.
Today it happened in middle of Evil Spirit. People couldn't log back in to finish the Evil spirit and server terminated the event.
No rewards were given out and Server event did not register (Fresh server, S610) highest damage done participant.

Lost 2x Highest damage done rewards on 2 Evil spirit + 2nd place rewards from 1 evil spirit.

Would love to hear compensation coming for all those Evil spirits + Highest damage done on server event. Thank you

vpmh87 Publish time 2018-7-10 14:52:01

4 days has passed and no action has been taken for this. And events are about to change.
No compensation or even a word from staff regarding the issue.

Wake up...
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