admir971 Publish time 2015-2-11 13:11:13

Good combo for SWP Toshiro?

Edited by admir971 at 2015-2-12 11:54

Ahhiko Publish time 2015-2-11 16:07:20

Edited by Ahhiko at 2015-2-11 15:27

Hmmm... if its SWP Toshiro I would go with Harribel/Gin(support zan) or any partner that can deduct fury/silence fury skill, and for Vanny Toshiro I would probably go with Tousen+Retsu(Vanny Zan) or Sui Feng.

King_Akaba Publish time 2015-2-23 02:47:15

i'd say tavern yoruichi although shini kisuke would also be a great choice if you have him

PAOFUI Publish time 2015-2-23 04:50:05

CSB Aizen with SWP Toshiro...

xixixi Publish time 2015-3-9 09:22:09

I'd say Shini Kisuke...I am planning on getting Toshiro for my  new 1-1-3 formation for pvp. Currently have gin and shini kisuke in the back.

SosaRey Publish time 2015-3-21 17:47:23

Ok, how about a different question.  If I had to choose between Harribel or SWP Toshiro, who would be better? SWP Toshiro or Harribel? Because I need to replace my momo. I'm 82 and I can't keep using momo.  Plus I'm saving reishi for tavern uruhara and Kenpachi at lvl 90. So who to choose? SWP Toshiro or Harribel?

Golifen Publish time 2015-3-25 10:32:36

SWP Toshiro is better than Harribel.

OManric Publish time 2015-3-27 07:06:21

Upgraded SWP toshiro is better than harri, otherwise you have to time ur toshiro so his skill is useful.
I totally recommend the combination thou Harri+ SWP Toshiro

Ragnos Publish time 2015-3-27 08:10:11

Toshiro. With harribel is a good combination.

SosaRey Publish time 2015-3-28 23:00:43

Yeah.  If I only had the reishi for it.  I'm in the middle of getting kisuke, after that I will work on my reiatsu a bit and then go for kenpachi, so another gold tavern partner besides these 2 will be tough
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