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Assorted questions from a new user!! Help :)

Well, I recently started playing this game, as every new player I have some doubts, I'm lvl 43 server 612: D
Well ... how should refine the equipment? Avant-garde, assault and support? to make the most of the stats, I'm a free player xD !!
Should I try to get Orihime out before a specific lvl? and after that which one should I take out?
Should I go playing seireitei attack or is it too early for that? Should I go thinking about saving vitality for the next ultimate bp or not?
What should I spend my coupons?
Is it worth buying the lvl 3 or 4 stone pack in the black store?
Is it a good idea to buy the insignia of rengi in the hollow world? and what other things should I take advantage of buying here
what should I do with the stars that the soul hunter won?
Well I think those are the most relevant for now, if you could leave me some other tips that can help me I would appreciate it.
I used the translator I hope everything is understood haha ​​!!
thank you very much to all

edmerjose Publish time 2018-7-14 12:01:52

Up? pless any :c

theunknown404 Publish time 2018-7-14 13:19:53

Black store and Insignia of Renji do not make sense from translator.

But I would not buy the stone packs. You get stones from other events.

Keep using Orihime until you find she isn't helping anymore. You will know when she isn't healing anybody.

It might be early for Seireitei Attack, but at the same time, you probably have very little spirit stones atm, so I would try to get as many stones from Seireitei Attack as possible. You can get good partners from Ultimate Battle Power, but your equipment is probably not good at this point.

A lot of playing will require experimenting with what works since there are no official guides on how to play the game.

I recommend referring to the wiki page for this game, however, if you are looking for specific information on buff and debuffs, assuming you can read English. https://bleach-online-user.wikia.com/wiki/Bleach_Online_User_Wiki

rugalb666 Publish time 2018-7-19 06:21:43

Concerning coupons, Save them and only spend them during the Visored Revenge event to gain rewards

edmerjose Publish time 2018-7-19 23:53:25

rugalb666 replied at 2018-7-19 06:21 static/image/common/back.gif
Concerning coupons, Save them and only spend them during the Visored Revenge event to gain rewards

Is this event monthly? also already happened in this month?

rugalb666 Publish time 2018-7-20 01:54:11

I think it is indeed monthly, I did not recall having seen it this month
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