negatiwe13 Publish time 2018-7-16 03:46:09

G2SHOP not working

Since five days I can not make payments using GATE 2 SHOP, does anyone have a similar problem ???
I wrote to support, but as usual, they do not support ....
The message"The payment method chosen has yielded an unexpected result" and only what i can do is "close"....
Please HELP:)

MuGtSuU Publish time 2018-7-16 11:09:35

on 7/10 I did a refill on G2SHOP, and so far I have not received my gold.

Awenhai Publish time 2018-10-10 12:54:55

What happened to the g2shop?

With that option I could buy gold with a european bank card (cirrus maestro) but it has disappeared. Will it be back or never again can I use bank card?
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