adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-25 04:24:23

note : is it me or they unlcked a new lvl cap for main? i just noticed that the exp bar is starting to loading again today

adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-25 04:26:56

PrimevalFear replied at 2018-8-24 13:12 static/image/common/back.gif
inferno stones are given out like that to give everyone an equal playing field in order to get  a " ...

ok no longue discussion ;P

ohmyvenus Publish time 2018-8-25 04:44:24

adnane.bek replied at 2018-8-25 04:24 static/image/common/back.gif
note : is it me or they unlcked a new lvl cap for main? i just noticed that the exp bar is starting  ...

go refresh, bar will go up when ur main got exp then will reset to 0

danstrifex Publish time 2018-8-25 05:00:38

DeEmEn replied at 2018-8-24 11:59 static/image/common/back.gif
I got some news back from the dev team:

1. Hollow Soul Converter - Non-Do-able. There wont be any c ...

you forgot to ask them the upgrade yellow events partner to red :(

sivern Publish time 2018-8-25 05:15:47

black market change items

adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-25 05:47:53

ohmyvenus replied at 2018-8-25 04:44 static/image/common/back.gif
go refresh, bar will go up when ur main got exp then will reset to 0

oh thanks, never notice it before ; damn i was happy ;

thks for the info

Aishodego Publish time 2018-8-25 06:03:16

how about adding hogu talisman as rewards in csb?like for certain said blue stones we can get certain amount of them(both the requirement of stones and amount of hogu talisman received should be balanced tho),just asking since we already have tier 11 hogyoku in there
also the idea to convert blue stones to inferno?if it is doable ofc

PrimevalFear Publish time 2018-8-25 06:34:20

Edited by PrimevalFear at 2018-8-25 05:39

DeEmEn replied at 2018-8-24 16:25 static/image/common/back.gif
I think it's a better way for you guys to understand, I don't just take suggestion from Bleach Onl ...
apart from the changes made by the devs themselves every other change(if possible for devs) made should be based on opinions of the players(from every platform of the game) that way you as the moderator will not be responsible for anything weather good or bad and as a moderator your personal opinions should not effect the results of the polls in any way.thats lets say a more democratic way of doing things where opinions of majority is favoured over minority.BTW i appericiate the effort you are putting for  the betterment of the game keep it up :victory:

adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-25 07:07:05

theunknown404 replied at 2018-8-24 21:49 static/image/common/back.gif
Why aren't people just getting Askin?

askin is good i do use him he monster pvp wise ,

however 2 things downside regarding him

1. they nerefd his skill growth dmg from 500% to 300% , yeh i remmber that :lol

2. he the only last release that did get only one time a mod accelerator then came back to bwb n such wich for a new partner release is really hard to finish modding fast
my opinion

Marouque Publish time 2018-8-25 08:34:18

DeEmEn replied at 2018-8-25 07:44 static/image/common/back.gif
I have no clue, they said people are getting inferno stones way too quick, because some people alre ...

those Infernos will b given for the first box or its the Sum of all boxes of all the rows? I hope its not that way. that means If u don't already have Orange partners, u will NEVER get anything from CSB. without Orange partners and a Godly Zan, It will b good to finish 1 row in a day or 2 days. and U can get Muken in 12 years XD. Especially now since too much ppl have muken and RJ. even if their BP is low. u cant kill them without having muken.
Ppl that already have Muken,KS and Tsu R already have too much and high VIP. low VIPs and F2P ppl will have no hope if the first row gives too low amount of Infernos
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