theunknown404 Publish time 2018-8-25 08:43:45

adnane.bek replied at 2018-8-25 07:07 static/image/common/back.gif
askin is good i do use him he monster pvp wise ,

however 2 things downside regarding him

He also does not have a defense halo. He has to die first or you have to wait a number of rounds for his avoid injury rate mod to kick in.

adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-25 08:51:41

theunknown404 replied at 2018-8-25 08:43 static/image/common/back.gif
He also does not have a defense halo. He has to die first or you have to wait a number of rounds f ...

yeh u gotta make him live longer, kukaku does the trick for now, ihcimonji even more i guess

DemonFates Publish time 2018-8-25 11:11:15

SolKnight replied at 2018-8-24 19:43 static/image/common/back.gif
Ok so why are you being a biased tool about this shit.
This is again a game. does not matter if y ...

ok, calm your tits down...

1st of all, how you said is a game, so start talking properly for the only one person who cares to give all the comunication to the devs, no for what he think to improve, it's about what the game NEEDS also what the players ask for in multiples threads.

I know new partners are broken as hell.... and they arent going to be nerf coz $$ is $$ ... sadly...

The F2P's must have to work hard to be strong players, but that doesn't mean they cant do anythig, all what you are proposing also the excuses what you did its for a ez game....

Also, even if he is a moderator be thanksful to him... because he is doing this job FOR FREE... so instead to be talking shit about your moderator.... start looking how brainless, retarded, kids and assholes are all of you in this forum crying everytime and every update.... also blaming DeEmEn for all of this?? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?

Also, im making Muken get a extra buff from this nerf but that is not going to happen soon tho...

- Be Respectful to all people and stop QQ'ing
- Accept the game rules and keep going
- Game Updates are done by Devs team not by a moderator (even if he gives ideas, you all people can write an mail to the devs)
- Have fun

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:16:10

danstrifex replied at 2018-8-25 03:00 static/image/common/back.gif
you forgot to ask them the upgrade yellow events partner to red

I did, it was on a seperate day, they said it's a new function they need to discuss again in a further future.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:19:09

PrimevalFear replied at 2018-8-25 04:34 static/image/common/back.gif
apart from the changes made by the devs themselves every other change(if possible for devs) made sh ...

They rather have input from China server, as they are more ahead of us, which to them its our future. Hence, they made changes base on their players, I have my opinion in it, but doesnt change much.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:20:45

BleachGoffd replied at 2018-8-25 01:52 static/image/common/back.gif
The end of bss will give red stones? How, for example, are the blue stones?

Not end of it, but the amount you get from each reward boxes.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:21:17

adnane.bek replied at 2018-8-25 02:24 static/image/common/back.gif
note : is it me or they unlcked a new lvl cap for main? i just noticed that the exp bar is starting  ...

just you ;p they dont plan on release higher level cap at any moment haha.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:21:57

sivern replied at 2018-8-25 03:15 static/image/common/back.gif
black market change items

added to new list.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:24:21

adnane.bek replied at 2018-8-25 05:07 static/image/common/back.gif
askin is good i do use him he monster pvp wise ,

however 2 things downside regarding him

inherit option for you ;p

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-25 12:27:44

Marouque replied at 2018-8-25 06:34 static/image/common/back.gif
those Infernos will b given for the first box or its the Sum of all boxes of all the rows? I hope  ...

You will see no one strong will be blocking your way and everyone will fight to get up to higher ranking to get more inferno stones. You will actually see an amount increase rather, because everyone around you are either weaker than you or slightly stronger than you. Restore the old CSB where no one will strip for anyone, only a fair competition to obtain your prize. This is how I see it.
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