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Askin HMA HP Bug

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Askin's mod is supposed to give VG 30% more HP.  What it does is increase the max HP, but that 30% shows as damage taken at the start of the fight.  So if Ginjo has 10m hp out of battle, he will have 13m hp when Askin in in the formation.  In matches that carry over damage like HMA and Alliance Campaign, Ginjo will start battle with 10m/13m hp.

I also found that if the vanguard is healed to full 13m/13m, he will display a bugged HP bar before the next battle, but he will actually be dead when the battle starts.  I did testing with small heals and mostly healed, but only a full heal will cause the vanguard to have the bugged hp bar and die.

Small heal doesn't kill Ginjo when next battle starts.

Almost full heal doesn't kill him either.

This battle Isane heals Ginjo to full HP.

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Maybe this wont get locked or deleted :pepepray:

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Cause HMA is too old that cant handle strong and new.

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Maybe this wont get locked or deleted :pepepray:

schhh, (((he))) will get triggered and warn you

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Maybe this wont get locked or deleted :pepepray:
No worries, this is thread is not teaching anyone to exploit the game and take advantage of the bugs. simply reporting, so it won't get locked nor deleted.

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It is done, I submitted the report, hopefully get an answer about that soon.

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It's not just Askin same thing happening with Tsukishima.

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It's not just Askin same thing happening with Tsukishima.

care to explain please?

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care to explain please?
Most of the fights i start my Ginjo loses 30% HP.

HMA, ES, Ryoka, Guild War, Alliance Campaign

on HMA it reset's after fight so he has full HP after the battle but when i go into the next Battle - same shit happens again.
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