Aratron Publish time 2018-9-5 07:59:58

CSB end season reward

Why there are no rewards on my server?

Kenpachi456456 Publish time 2018-9-5 11:41:22

it's the second day after the end of CSb, so it's tomorrow

Aratron Publish time 2018-9-5 12:41:39

Kenpachi456456 replied at 2018-9-5 18:41 static/image/common/back.gif
it's the second day after the end of CSb, so it's tomorrow

I hope so! Thank you!

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-9-6 01:06:21

Aratron replied at 2018-9-5 10:41 static/image/common/back.gif
I hope so! Thank you!

Do you get it now? Make sure you read the mail before you get the prize and delete lol!

Aratron Publish time 2018-9-6 02:56:14

Edited by Aratron at 2018-9-6 10:04

Nope. There is no reward. And like I said on several other posts this is from day one of this server (From First CSB I play).
Ranking 0?

Kenpachi456456 Publish time 2018-9-6 04:41:26

Oh we are in same server, Onizuka and me (AdamoDyllan),
we did not receive to, i have post in fr forum

Aratron Publish time 2018-9-6 05:50:22

And from what I've seen a lot of people in EU servers didn't get any reward? Are we gonna get our rewards or this will go under the rug as usual!

theunknown404 Publish time 2018-9-6 08:52:35

We didn't even have anyone in our rank list yesterday. lol I don't see anybody getting anything.

KuroKimiko Publish time 2018-9-7 09:32:19

Did u guys got the rewards? i from the same server and still not get anything

KuroKimiko Publish time 2018-9-7 09:36:34

Actually this happened to me 2nd time..
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