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opinion for 90 lvl partners

hello guys my current formation is kirinj,shin grimm,main,sinjin hirako,sajin and zap kazeshini... im vip 4 and im gonna be vip 5 soon or later.. so now im 85 lvl.. my soul bar is near to end so i can get cute orihime or yamamoto.. in tavern i can get kenpanci in 90 lvl i think is good... im not sure for the others partners.. i want to be better on pvp..tell me you opinion my formation is good? what is better to chance? is better to wait for something else?

EdmondGzv Publish time 2018-9-8 07:24:15

As far as I understand u almost got full bar on soul cultivation. But this is first time so I think maybe replace shin grimmjow with yama might be a good boost for pvp, but as far as u invest in him. I've meet in CBS a guy with tavern byakuya who one shot my team, but he was T1 and moded ofc. So, don't rush to change partners, but think in perspective. I assume u have 1-3-1 in pvp so changing Grimm with yama might be best decision right now. Don't rush with tavern right now because I think might be enough. Anyway, for me as I'm 96 and almost finished cultivating bar I'll get yama because I already rented from KTF and I've moded him. Another thing to do is to change your orientation to pve, cute orihime and kirinji with shin and hirako + maybe rent isshin from KTF next week will give a huge boost in your silver gain. To ask your question maybe best decision right now is to get Unohana from tavern and get Yama. And u can stick with 2-2-1 form in pvp and 2-3-0 in pve. Anyway if u stacked up vit for UBP you might want to get something else out for your team as this one is a zanp (Tensa). I'm almost vip 7 and 2 in arena and first place is vip 10 and got very good partners. So that's why I change my orientation to PVE, basically with your formation and lvl of investment you can't expect much from PVP as CBS is full of topping up players..
Basically what I wanna say if u really want to get something in lvl 90 tavern because u have slow pace to lvl up. Unohana is the way to go and get Yama. But u can never do wrong with picking Cute and Byakuya for the same reason. However maybe U want to not rush speding resources on a tavern partner wich u might don't need that much and spend that silver on reiatsu who is in my opinion the best buff u can get in pvp at your lvl.

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thnx for this was very helpfull!!! so if understand right you say, unohana is good choice and yama... so if i get unohana im gonna changing with shin grimm and yama for sinjin hirako for pvp and for pve im gonna have kirinj,sinjin hirako,yama,main and unohana?

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thnx for this was very helpfull!!! so if understand right you say, unohana is good choice and yama.. ...

Yes, Unohana and Yama might be the right decision. Also consider Cute Orihime and Byakuya who can do the same and might be a little better in pve! But don't rush to get someone from tavern. Getting Yama instead of Grimmjow in PVP can be helpful from beginning. Sticking with 1-3-1 in PVP with Kirinji, Yama-Main-S. Hirako-Sajin, and replacing Grimmjow with Hirako when u PVE, can also add a K. Urahara for 2-2-1 in PVP, and 2-3-0.
Another thing to do is: wait for Witch House event and from 2 daily logins u can get 1 red reishi chest and upgrade a gold partner from tavern to red. As far as I remember I got about 3k red reishi from a single event, but I buyed some chances for 100 gold sometimes. Also now you're vip 4. Bankai power gives about 1000 free gold if u top-up 200 a day, making u standing about 4-5k gold for 1k top up split in days. Read every partner skill and check wiki, will help a lot because maybe you're the only one to make the right decision.
P.S: When reply on forum click the reply button, this way the one u're replying to will get a notification. Keep up the good work!

sivern Publish time 2018-9-10 00:18:15

might get kisuke if u want PVP team, make kisuke 100 fury and  75 fury team, also ikkaku also good in pVE and Op in PVP when hi exclusive open
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