Brevian Publish time 2018-9-16 12:51:36

Help Me Go Games

literally just spent money to get Zabimaru Renji. I did this with 1 purpose in mind, to unlock Sogyo no kotowari in the legend gallery. the problem is I accidentally dismissed Rangiku to make room.......and theres nothing i can do to get her back and now i cant get Sogyo zanp. even worse its on facebook account.

danstrifex Publish time 2018-9-16 13:07:37

just rent rangiku in karakura town festival, cost 5 candy

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-9-16 13:21:38

What he said^ and you dont dismiss a partner accidentally to make room. You did it purposely.

Soulbladedx Publish time 2018-9-16 14:10:08

they also work if you leave them in the backpack just a tip for the future to save room for better partners
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