adnane.bek Publish time 2018-8-31 05:09:53

DeEmEn replied at 2018-8-30 22:48 static/image/common/back.gif
1. Add voiceovers to characters and more background music. -- Voiceovers to characters? damn that' ...
i know it will be a no go as full bring

just keep in mind the hollowfication process wich is very important in the manga n we never had it here;

some path combination between an evolution thing (collecting frags to complete lvls of hollofication) and integration of a CERO lvl similar to reiatsu

just a thought
otherwise high five

Jackshit Publish time 2018-8-31 05:22:54

What about update to soul cultivation shop,maybe to add some old golden partners like demon ichigo, sexy yourichi or something like that.I feel like it would help some f2p players and even low VIPs.

grimmjowpantera Publish time 2018-8-31 06:17:57

sivern replied at 2018-8-31 03:46 static/image/common/back.gif
i remember before tht Suzumebachi deduct fury every round, now it only deduct 1 time...

Yep. It was basically a bug that made it happen.

SeptaTK Publish time 2018-8-31 06:53:47

New max level!

grimmjowpantera Publish time 2018-8-31 07:28:38

Jackshit replied at 2018-8-31 04:22 static/image/common/back.gif
What about update to soul cultivation shop,maybe to add some old golden partners like demon ichigo,  ...

Or a few reds like.... Well there's mugetsu. About the only one I can think of that would probably fit there. Would also like to see the other golden bikini girls Like Ran and Nanao.

donn_ds Publish time 2018-8-31 11:47:59

1. Increase Infuse Spirit Level from 20 to 30.
2. Add sternritter soul map, like hollow soul map.
3. Increase Silver Reward from Protect Seireitei.
4. Add Assistant Mod Soul Card for exchange... 2000ish red start each?5. Daily Sign in Exchange Reward update.
6. Fix girlfriend exhange achievement bug.
7. New Alliance Battle Shop Reward and Partners.8. New Daily Signin Reward continue more than 1095 days.
9. Reincarnation Skills for main - Reference Ultimate Ninja.
10. Shop Improvement - More items like Hogu Tailsman, Purple/Yellow/Red Enhance Stones.11. Reform ToT seperate league by reincarnation level instead of main character level and stuff ALL other people who reincarn fight in one single league.

There is good amount of ideas, ToT one is best so far, event is very stupid right now, always same players are in.
Yama and Cute Orihime are in Soul Cultivation for looong time, why not bring something new there? They can increase the cap and put new char there. Example Yama and Cute Orihime costs 10k and Demon Ichigo and Bankai Rukia cost 15 or 20k.
Protect Seiritei is pretty much dead event, change like that will make him alive again, maybe, who knows :):)
Do we need that infuse lvl increase? Biggest mistake in this game are stats, bp etc. Numbers are just stupid. You can deal 100mil dmg with HVI, where is fun there? What is fun in one shoting other players?

Hollow soul map need rework, that thing is outdated af.

kenryo Publish time 2018-8-31 12:01:03

1) A feature where we can break hogu lvl 5-7 and when we break these hogus we get hogu enhancement fragments. Something similar to unlimited ninja

2)In bonds, the secton bonus attributes, we currently have 9 spaces. I would like to increase this a minimum of 16, if it's easier to put 9 spaces more then that would be great. This way we can use bonds to it's full capability and not pick and choose who we want in bonus.

3) if we could bring back old events, one is limited lease. Another is Lucky Turntable, if we could change lucky turntable to use coupons. By this I mean vip 3
and above will be able to use coupons, of course gold will be used here too, but coupons will be used first and then gold when you have no coupons. This will only be for vip 3 and above the use of coupons. If you remember lucky turntable had partners, we can have old partners here. This can be another way of getting partners for bonds or to use them.

kenryo Publish time 2018-8-31 12:03:03

Thank you DeEmEn for your hard work and making this game more enjoyable

kenryo Publish time 2018-8-31 12:10:14

The hogu feature is in simple terms when you disassemble hogu lvl 5-7 we get hogu fragments and these fragments can be used to make hogu enhance talismans.
when you click on the link, click s weapons and it should have more info on the setup that they use in unlimited ninja

khatarnak0001 Publish time 2018-8-31 12:24:49

Edited by khatarnak0001 at 2018-8-31 12:31

1. Achievement rewards need a update. They are extremely outdated and seem very insignificant. 2. Same goes for VIP shop.
3. There is bug with upgraded partners. For example when you upgrade purple partners to gold the game still recognises them as purple - This can be seen when you try to inherit mod frags from upgraded partners, the game wont show them at all. Same with gold to red partners - This can be seen when using exchange all option, the red treasures wont change (so you have to manually change them)
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