kenryo Publish time 2018-8-31 12:27:22

It was mentioned before about 1USD top up amount option in top up. I would like to see this for bankai power more people would be willing to participate.

15mdr02 Publish time 2018-8-31 12:30:05

Alrighty.  Here we go!!!

[*]One click for Konso and Alliance Campaign similar to that of Seireitei Soul Palace (vip4+) (or maybe add to Shinigami Agent)
[*]With the addition of Red Hogyouku, I feel the chance of Yellow Hogyoukou should go up? In the past month I think there has been 1 Yellow acquired on my server and there are several of us still active.  It's also weird when I have twice as many Reds as Yellows....I know they are acquired differently but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense for a higher tier item to be easier acquired than a lower tier. Heck, maybe change the "Red Fragments" to just "Fragments" and allow for the purchasing of Yellow Hogyouku through the shop at a lower price than the reds to give some variety.
[*]I have seen some comments about the Shop and the limited options available there and while I would also advocate for some additions there, maybe do a renovation of the black market to make up the lack of variety? There is almost nothing that I deem worth it to buy from the black market shop. (The exception being the occasional Modify Fragments for a character I am looking at hat cost silver) If it was changed to solely a coupon shop but the options were revised (such as hogu talismans, universal modify fragments, red hogouyku chests, exclusive fragments, universal hollow souls, or other things like these) I feel it would give all players (f2p and p2p alike) more variety in what to save their coupons for or what to spend it on depending on their focus.
[*]I have seen comments on this already but having lvl 6 quality hogu be the max quality available through the Trial Tower seems silly.  I get they want to encourage the spend of money to buy these high level hogu chests but at least go up to 8 or 9. (7, 8, and 9 quality hogu are essentially non-existent in this game and definitely not worth any amount of Hogu Talismans.
[*]Not sure if this has been said but Soul Hunt Exchange Shop? Blue Enchant Stones can be okay for some pretty early levels (I don't remember when it activates) and I know the lvl 50 and lvl 70 stones are used by early players but lets be honest, by lvl 90 there is no reason to have any of the normal gear (fortune in Reio Garden can get you Forged Gear and the Lottery/Slots event can get you Rare Gear wearable at lvl 90) I don't have any suggestions for what better rewards would look like but I have stars sitting there that I will never touch and I've stopped doing soul hunts in general.
[*]HMA shop could probably use some upgrading as well.  I've seen a lot of people not happy about the Special War Powers characters which also translates to HMA.  Just a thought on this one, but maybe add another level of upgrade onto these characters? (base stats and growth rates could go a long ways) At a cost of course (particularly time or a lot of money), this would give some strength to these characters and give purpose to HMA again.
[*]I've put this in another forum but the idea of being able to switch out bonds kind of like how we can switch out modifications on characters? More explained here if curious about my thoughts as to how this might work (I saw your response DeEmEn but brought it into this list for reference)
[*]Last one is with regards to the guild page.  Exchange Partners?? Tis a mystery within our game that has never been solved and while it has never done anything, it is on my mind constantly :@ but....since I've brought it up, would this be like something where you could borrow a character of someone else in the guild at a certain price (like maybe your guild merits since you can't spend all of them on the guild camp upgrades???)

Anyway, last one was kind of a joke but there are some of my thoughts.  I know it's a lot and I recognize the difficulty of some of these (particularly the bond one) but you gave me the chance so I spoke my mind! (most of it, there are some others like this but that's way beyond small fixes and I am sure would require crazy amounts of code)

khatarnak0001 Publish time 2018-8-31 12:34:46

1. Achievement rewards need a update. They are extremely outdated and seem very insignificant.
2. Same goes with VIP shop
3. Black market could use some better variety
4. There is a bug with upgraded partners. For example when you upgrade a purple partner to gold, the game wont recognize it - this can be seen when you try to inherit mod frags from these partners. This can also be seen when you use exchange all function, the game treasures (if they are a different level) wont exchange ( they have to exchanged manually)

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 14:20:01

adnane.bek replied at 2018-8-31 03:09 static/image/common/back.gif
i know it will be a no go as full bring

just keep in mind the hollowfication process wich is ver ...

Keep this in mind though... they don't have enough staff to implement all those new stuff that can possibly add in... Try to stay what can be improve within the game of what we already have.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 14:20:45

Jackshit replied at 2018-8-31 03:22 static/image/common/back.gif
What about update to soul cultivation shop,maybe to add some old golden partners like demon ichigo,  ...

Already put that one in last week. :D

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 14:21:20

SeptaTK replied at 2018-8-31 04:53 static/image/common/back.gif
New max level!

already put that one in last week.

SeptaTK Publish time 2018-8-31 14:29:05

DeEmEn replied at 2018-8-31 20:21 static/image/common/back.gif
already put that one in last week.

Nice one! :D

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 14:57:24

donn_ds replied at 2018-8-31 09:47 static/image/common/back.gif
1. Increase Infuse Spirit Level from 20 to 30.
2. Add sternritter soul map, like hollow soul map.
3. ...

I agree with the infuse increase, but I will still put that in, just in case the developer had something else in mind.

Hollow Soul Map is fine :P like you said stats number are just stupid.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 14:59:32

Edited by DeEmEn at 2018-8-31 13:04

kenryo replied at 2018-8-31 10:10 static/image/common/back.gif
The hogu feature is in simple terms when you disassemble hogu lvl 5-7 we get hogu fragments and thes ...
1) A feature where we can break hogu lvl 5-7 and when we break these hogus we get hogu enhancement fragments. Something similar to unlimited ninja

2)In bonds, the secton bonus attributes, we currently have 9 spaces. I would like to increase this a minimum of 16, if it's easier to put 9 spaces more then that would be great. This way we can use bonds to it's full capability and not pick and choose who we want in bonus.

3) if we could bring back old events, one is limited lease. Another is Lucky Turntable, if we could change lucky turntable to use coupons. By this I mean vip 3
and above will be able to use coupons, of course gold will be used here too, but coupons will be used first and then gold when you have no coupons. This will only be for vip 3 and above the use of coupons. If you remember lucky turntable had partners, we can have old partners here. This can be another way of getting partners for bonds or to use them.

1. I think they are trying not to copy stuff from ultimate ninja if they can.
2. It is part of the game of how people can build their team, in order to maximize the bond advantage, to have you think to build your formation. It's really part of the game, and not just put whoever you want.

3. Limited lease is not needed as we have Karakura Town, Lucky Turntable is not/wont be a popular event, when all these new events are better to get prizes. Old events were eliminated for a reason.

You are welcome from your previous post :D

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-8-31 15:11:47

khatarnak0001 replied at 2018-8-31 10:24 static/image/common/back.gif
1. Achievement rewards need a update. They are extremely outdated and seem very insignificant. 2. Sa ...

1. Already said.
2. Already said.
3. I think it's meant to be that way? I am not sure, but I will ask.
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