Aratron Publish time 2018-9-21 06:52:34

Fury restriction deosn't work

Edited by Aratron at 2018-9-21 13:56

Around round 13 fury restriction doesn't' work.
Why? It works fine before that, why ichibe gains fury when he has fury restriction?
Same goes for silence of TSI, doesn't work every time. When it is visibly cast on the character

Btw it says i win, no i don't win.

theunknown404 Publish time 2018-9-21 10:24:00

Shields clear fury restriction. Ichibe got a shield from Yhwach.

jackthehorn Publish time 2018-9-21 14:51:07

Whenever this happens just load the battle again and see it. Most of the time the skill animations and buff/debuff plays clearly when you see it for 2nd time. Just click replay. And you will understand what happened.:victory:
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