muffdestr0yer Publish time 2018-9-21 22:27:42


for some reason now when i try to top up it says forbidden card user can anyone help me ive tried to go to support or get in contact but nothing is working

donn_ds Publish time 2018-9-21 22:54:39

Try different payment method.

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-9-21 23:52:24

Or register your card with paypal, then use paypal from now on with OffGamer. Secure transactions.

15mdr02 Publish time 2018-9-22 14:21:00

If you are trying to directly pay with your card, your bank may suspect it as suspicious activity and not allow it.  Like DeEmEn said, I would try paypal as there is generally less issues
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