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How to make Chad TANKY

Hello. New user here. I was wondering why is my Chad so soft while others are strong as a board. Would love your advices.

Aratron Publish time 2018-9-28 11:48:28

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use strength, wisdom, block and stamina spirit stones. Upgrade hogu, and hogyoku. Fortify set, refine it for (wisdom, str, block) or (str, stamina, block) or  (str, wisdom, stamina) or combination of those 3 (I recommend to have block in all  set parts refine). Enchant weapon for revive or stand fast. Upgrade accessories. Infuse set.
Combine Sado with Orihime

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-9-28 18:05:36

there are tons of Vanguard stronger than Chad, dont waste time on him, move on to a stronger VG then build him from there.
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