dryirishman@hotmail.com Publish time 2015-2-16 03:21:28

can someone answer for me

when doing the "Novice, level experiences" under lv 30 "drain slave" what do I need to do here? I have hit "extract" claiming my slaves accumulated exp several times but this never gives me finished for this task, what am I doing wrong?

fablewing Publish time 2015-2-16 04:11:12

Drain slave. It's strain or press.

insignio Publish time 2015-2-16 04:15:25

If you are a free player, don`t waste your gold on this task.

PAOFUI Publish time 2015-2-16 04:31:02

dont even bother doin all those even if u r a gold player...

most of those task there is left undone by me...

lol... realli a waste of gold most of them...

dryirishman@hotmail.com Publish time 2015-2-16 06:06:47

ok thx. I have finished most of them as I'm slowly (by choice) leveling up on newer server but have never completed this task on any of the 3 I play on

gamesmaster3000@hotmail.com Publish time 2015-2-16 17:37:46

if you wait till a couple of mins before the slave would time out 23:55/24:00 or anywhere around that it will only cost like 10g

Sulvercarne Publish time 2018-1-13 20:35:08

what does strain and press do?
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