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Tips for FAST level up!!

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Those tips are for begginers and I hope it's going to help guys !!
1. First and foremost do all the quests around until you can't level up from them anymore
2. Auto battle after that point is your best friend
3. A GREAT auto battle target is Hakuteiken Byakuya since he give more than double , even triple the amount of exp of the other stages at that point
3. Continue auto battling Byakuya until the new stages you unlock gives you more exp than him when you fight them twice
4. Use your beauty games (all of them ) for vitality , untill you get to a point that you need souls for 7th or 8th skill . Keep 5 stacked up for that when you find your leveling rate satisfying and try to stack more
5. Try to make it to the strongest guild , since it's gonna win Protect Seireitei . For that purpose starting in a new server right about the time its released and choosing the clan which gives you a gift is a realy important matter .
6. Try to never miss Ryoka and Evil spirits !!! For Evil spirits after finishing yours immediately join the others and try to fight them equal times , cause the buffed rewards for the first tries are renewed
7. Participate in Protect Seireitei . For 3 reasons , it gives the best extra rewards at first week , it gives an exp reward and you make sure your guild has the exp buff or wins it !
8. In the first days giving 20 coupons a day for some extra vit could be a realy nice invest (makes you stronger than others, and helps you stabilise your lead over them)
9. Auto battle in the 50+ levels should be done in the latest stage and make sure that's not a BOSS , critical mistake . Always keep an eye to the last stages exp reward after you move to a new and choose the best for exp ALL the time
10. Continue doing the quests , and make them your first thought for exping untill level 70
11. Keep in mind that you will need some vitality for Trials , before you auto battle . Using ALL your everyday chances on trials is crucial (gives decent exp as well) , but dont use the reset cause its not worth at all at first levels

Extra tip for Vip 3- :At ryoka and Evil spirits after you enter battle immediately refresh and rejoin . It will allow you to fight more times , leading to more exp,silver,rewards  
Extra tip for Vip 4+ : At evil spirits if you don't have enough time to attack both other spirits through normal auto battle , use gold refresh it's worth it

That's your basic routine guys , I hope it was helpfull . I am gonna edit and add more tips if i think of them , and you are all welcome to share your's(so i can add more :D)
Have fuuuuuuun !!! Zoe EU 99

devolve Publish time 2015-2-16 18:58:29

After Hakuteiken Byakuya when u open 36-40 location farm 10th Fraccion they will be the best on this stage.

shieldandsword Publish time 2015-2-16 19:26:33

Well... basically spend vit on stage that gives most exp and do daily activities

artinfection Publish time 2015-2-16 19:53:17

shieldandsword replied at 2015-2-16 18:26 static/image/common/back.gif
Well... basically spend vit on stage that gives most exp and do daily activities

u can sum it up like that , in the auto battling part . But i wanted to set an example

fablewing Publish time 2015-2-16 23:58:16

What about lvl 60 and higher?

artinfection Publish time 2015-2-17 07:24:58

fablewing replied at 2015-2-16 22:58 static/image/common/back.gif
What about lvl 60 and higher?

The same goes on for lvl 60 - 70 . And your main exp gain , is though ryoka and Evil Spirits . By the pass of levels auto battle is gonna seem to be less nad less rewarding , but still it would probably give 1/5 of your exp  bar if u spent 80-100

shieldandsword Publish time 2015-2-17 09:48:23

Trying to lvl to 78-80 took me like 1700 vit

fablewing Publish time 2015-2-17 11:18:41

Im using all my vit on the event atm. Its costing me lvls but i got furies and stones. Well worth.

Ragnet Publish time 2015-2-17 11:43:00

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Damage Equals Experience. Speed Does Not Equal Experience. Therefore, Damage investment is greater than Speed investment. If you are a low vip i think having counter over agi stones is ideal since you will never outspeed any high level vip. This is how ive setup my assaulters.

Sasuke0975x Publish time 2015-6-1 04:13:16

How about level 50
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