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Want some help..

Helloooo and Meryy Christmas.....
after going through some forums... i am in a delema..
most of the people talk about toshiro and dark rukia..

R they really good... im lvl 49
my current formation is

gegitsuburi(shikai).    nemu(tavern)      main char                              
                                   inoue(tavern)       ichigo(7 days gift)
                                                                  or christmas ichigo

im saving the zanpakou scrollls or something whos name i cant remember to make haineko reach bankai when i am level 50....
who is better .....????
                              Nemu or Yumichika
                              ichogo(7 days gift pack).  or christmas ichigo...
im planing to take out nemu and recruit shin ishin kurosaki... in the previous karakura town festival i recruited Zabimaru renji.....  should i replace nemu with shin isshin or zabimaru renji...

and if there is anyone better than shin ishin... please let me know...  i will have like 6 to 7 candies at the last day... so in those candies who is the best pick???
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