Alensin Publish time 2018-12-31 00:07:23

Renji or Ichigo in pvp?

In terms of pvp, I was wondering who's better overall. Renji from the Tavern, or Ichigo from the 7 day gift pack?

DeEmEn Publish time 2018-12-31 13:21:13

Ichigo? since he always skill? :D

Alensin Publish time 2019-1-1 01:55:14

DeEmEn replied at 2018-12-31 13:21 static/image/common/back.gif
Ichigo? since he always skill?

Pretty much.

Rashid018 Publish time 2019-1-29 13:16:52

Ichigo or Renji is same

But you must build your partner pvp, battle power!

kinghollow1 Publish time 2019-1-29 18:33:12

Ichigo for PvP and renji for PvE
Quite simple actually lol. Renji has 200% DMG on his skill which is great for PvE and Ichigo deals 80% DMG with his skill to ASSAULTERS
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