alexandruc Publish time 2019-1-6 07:42:01

rank upgrade bug

Hi , sorry to disturb you I m  from server EU 1 in game name is "Dragos" Iwas 4th Division captain and upgraded to captain few days ago like 6 days ago and after 3 when I got some prestige from arena it showed like I still have to upgrade from captain to 3rd division lieutenant and it gets kinda annoying becouse 3 days ago Im back to 4th division lieutenant and it sayd that I have to upgrade to 4th division captain the stats are not eve saved the one I get from upgrades ..can you help me please ? thank you.

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-1-6 13:27:25

I think this problem stays in the prestige loss daily, you see, everyday you lose 5k or more prestige, depending on what rank you are. So your income should be more than 5k prestige to stay the same rank.

alexandruc Publish time 2019-1-7 19:51:48

daily from arena I get 6990 prestige so that shouldnt be a problem but that is kinda dumb it should stay permanent once you get to a rank

alexandruc Publish time 2019-1-7 20:07:58

current captain ...just upgraded again in few days again will do it :/

alexandruc Publish time 2019-1-7 20:10:48

daily deduction for prestige only for lieutenant if it falls back again is 5000 , to captain is 6000 + arena daily 6990 prestige the 5000 prestige that you say that is lost daily for no reason in my opinion shouldnt be a problem even if it really sucks becouse I dont think that is fair once you achieved that new rank permanent should be so I think it as a bug so if someone can help me please do it
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