Mamm0th Publish time 2019-1-6 15:24:38

Tavern Kisuke or Shinso Gin?

I can either get Tavern Kisuke(and upgrade him to red instantly) or ger Shinso Gin from Reio Guardian. Which would be better for T1? I am only VIP6 and would not be able to get anything better for a while.

Aminemugetsu Publish time 2019-1-6 15:25:40

Go for shinso gin

Mamm0th Publish time 2019-1-6 15:27:38

Aminemugetsu replied at 2019-1-6 15:25 static/image/common/back.gif
Go for shinso gin

Why tho? I could put red treasure's on Kisuke, but not on Shinso.

Aminemugetsu Publish time 2019-1-6 15:38:38

Mamm0th replied at 2019-1-6 15:27 static/image/common/back.gif
Why tho? I could put red treasure's on Kisuke, but not on Shinso.

Well in terms of skill shinso is a little better in dmg and he attcks all enemies also his stats are much better than red kisuke if ur lookinng for red hogu u can go for red kisuke also he is easy to T1 but he is not that good shinso only problem that he is gold and like not really easy to T1 like kisuke but he still better

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-6 15:59:26

it is indeed a tricky situation in term of red hogu pov; however lets put into perspective what both of them can do:

urahara : good points : free + get red hogu once up; good fury buffer, nice on pve not bad on pvp specially his last mod makes him easy to full fury; overall good support ; mods are easy to farm

              downside; basic stats not that great; agility low

Shinso : if u in US servers u can get free with comrade contracts; orelse u spend

            Good points: better basic stats, both in pvp and pve very good; also fury buffer + crowd control; last mod gives speed buff to ur other kido users very usefull for ur second support or kido main

              Downside: outdated cant use red hogus; hard to farm his mods

all in all i would still take him if i dont have another supporter; and he'll be used to help ur muken in th bond section;

rugalb666 Publish time 2019-1-6 16:33:10

I will tell you, I had Urahara and used to dream of Shinso, but when I achieved true T1 Shinso became irrelevant.  So looking back Urahara was largely enough.

Zento-Hazashi Publish time 2019-1-6 18:02:12

Shinso might be better as a partner

but there's still a room for comparison between him and Kisuke, and the fact that there is kinda says Kisuke is much more of value to get

Yeah sure Shinso is technically a better partner, but there's no point spending Gold on a partner when you can get what he does for free, and potentially be better with red hogus

pretty much, the answer lies (in the heart of battle) in value, get kisuke for free, shinso for gold, they both at this point do the same thing. You'd only want Shinso if you're going to use him to his full extent in PVP with stun, maybe exclusive, whatever, just not worth in comparison to Kisuke ^^ :)

TL;DR - Get Kisuke

coolpoint99 Publish time 2019-1-11 19:13:58

Edited by coolpoint99 at 2019-1-12 08:15

why not get them both ? also shinso is free if u got comrade contract , heres the tips to follow the guide to get free comrade contract

pablosays Publish time 2019-3-24 16:14:00

Shiso anyday. His skill can stun most ppl plus hes got 100 fury recovery and you mentioned you can make
him T1. He is real good draw. But if you got a heavy damage dealing team then keisuke is better .
Still think Shinso is better.
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