sdfsafsadf Publish time 2019-1-9 12:25:25

Guild Coin help!!

Hi all, I just want to know if I will lose my Guild Coin after I leave the guild?

pockmeryn Publish time 2019-1-10 07:07:19

if u mean the merits by guiild coins then yes they stay..every other things like contributions and stuff resets though

Ace_BleachOnline Publish time 2019-1-10 07:32:41

I think he meant of those coins to purchase evo stuff, not sure if it stays when u leave

ahmedblack Publish time 2019-1-10 12:06:46

You lose everything. Publish time 2019-1-19 00:11:44

all coin given to the guild gets removed from guild

but everything you have you keep  
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