MylarHyrule Publish time 2019-1-11 08:37:40

Computer performance...

Kind of related, kind of not, you know what to do if not allowed!!

Looking to get better performance from my used Imac during things like Ryoka...

this thing is intel Core Duo 2 with 4 gigs of ram, so I'm not expecting to run ryoka on 3 accounts at full speed at the same time, lol

but maybe one lag free Ryoka isn't asking too much?

soon to set up an external SSD to use as main boot drive hooked up via Thunderbolt, and upping ram to 16 gigs, any other upgrades I can do are very very limited and I dont' think will warrant the risk connected with the screen removal process to me

soon I will upgrade to an i5 machine because those you can upgrade to i7...  anyway i digress...

do you guys think I will see a big upgrade switching from HDD to SSD and tripling the ram?   I"m just not sure if java is GPU heavy or memory heavy, or both, lol

Sylencer90 Publish time 2019-1-11 09:13:15

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8 gigs of ram should be plenty 12 or even 16 wouldn't do much. SSD can and most likely will improve the performance by a big bunch.

Lag free ryoka requires a good GPU or if hardware accel on chrome is disabled it's split up between CPU and GPU.

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-11 10:18:50

yo sup mate been a while didnt see u on forum happy new year and stuff; regarding this topic i think also game flash is kinda limited cuz i use core i5 fifth generation with 8go ram and sometimes it slows down during the ryoka; :L

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-11 11:38:37

The you might see difference in load times but it is more of internet bound. As for ram upgrade it would be low or none improvement unless you are using all 4 gigs.

As for cpu you mentioned, i suggest waiting for new Ryzen cpus and then decide if you want i5 system or Ryzen one

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-11 11:41:26

Also there is this one weird thing that no matter how good your pc is, browser games can still lag. I know this and i use:

i5 7600k @ 4.8GHz
GTX 1080 Ti and
Samsung 970 EVO so yeah.

Make sure you have good internet connection and you should be fine, i have beed playing when my boot drive was normal HHD and switching to ssd gave no performance improvement so now i can tell you that CPU upgrade will be much more impactful.

MylarHyrule Publish time 2019-1-11 20:28:08

ragfer replied at 2019-1-11 11:38 static/image/common/back.gif
The you might see difference in load times but it is more of internet bound. As for ram upgrade it w ...
getting the i5 was intentional...  you can upgrade those in the Imac to an i7, and while it was open I'd plug SSD directly into sata...  I can pick up the PC I need for under $200, and would take a fair bit of work...  kind of a hobby I've wanted to pick up, no other way but to dive in, lol

also...  I know mac isn't known for graphics cards...  do you think an external video card hooked up via thunderbolt, or even better if I can find one that can use 10 gigabit port, lol

so internet speed and CPU are probably my biggest bottlenecks, lol .   crap

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-11 21:20:51

flash games will be laggy, no matter what computer you use... I am using my Predator G1 and it still lag like a bish sometimes and flash crash if I open too many BR. Flash is old, this is why they are phasing it out.
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