k5gamers Publish time 2019-1-11 18:30:20

Green enchant stones?!?!?!?!

How fucking rare is the psychic enchant??

I've used like 150+ green enchant stones and haven't seen it yet. Can someone tell us fixed rates about getting the enchants if its like 0.000001% i'd rather get the fury stones cant be bothered with this rng.

trojandrew Publish time 2019-1-11 19:06:02

ive seen it take about 200 to get psy, the rate is increased on the stones so its easier to get on higher stones. i dont know the % tho

@ra5h_V Publish time 2019-1-12 00:37:08


Devvoke2 Publish time 2019-1-12 00:41:04

@ra5h_V replied at 2019-1-12 00:37 static/image/common/back.gif

lol 1000%


only 150?

bruh wake me when you go through 300 + and accidentally overwrite fury

k5gamers Publish time 2019-1-12 04:16:41

@ra5h_V replied at 2019-1-12 00:37 static/image/common/back.gif

Hahaha, i guess this is a pretty common thing.

rugalb666 Publish time 2019-1-12 06:29:20

Forgot about green stones, there are complete and utter garbage with ultra low rate of getting initial fury, instead use red stones they have very good rate of success, get you a way better starting fury and you can get them free easily in numerous events.

ahmedblack Publish time 2019-1-12 08:09:54

i got it after spending 40-50:P:victory:

Lezard_Valeth Publish time 2019-1-12 08:42:07

in my experience you need 200-400, maybe even more green stones.

Just use red stones, they have a fury chance 20-35% IMO.

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-12 11:22:33

I dont know... sometimes I got the psy within 20 stones.

MylarHyrule Publish time 2019-1-14 20:18:55

Edited by MylarHyrule at 2019-1-14 20:43

lulz...  you guys just have bad luck...  I literally just blew not quite 100 green enchant stones and got the psychic enchant on 3 of my back up weapons, lol...    Click them kind of slowly so you don't miss it when it comes up...  if I didn't get it in 60 to 70 times, I'd reload the page to reset the RGNs...  or that's how I do things in game...  they seem to change from time to time, so when I am getting bad RGN, I reload...  seems to work usually

spent 652 green stones, phychic came up 10 times, sometimes as far as 150ish in between them, sometimes as few as 40ish
spent 135 white stones, phychic came up 4 times, sometimes as far as 60ish in between them, once it happened two clicks in a row...

in server US161 if you want to come see the weapons if you think I'm pulling your leg
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