Publish time 2019-1-13 20:44:31

Level Cap 159.

Soul Palace has lvl 165 and 175, yet the cap for main and partners is at 159 for a while now.

So Question DeEmEn, When are players gonna get those new lvls? I don't if anyone's asked it.

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-13 20:54:10

No news about that. Sorry.

demonilyas Publish time 2019-1-14 01:02:07

i thought people were at that level after reincarnating in a sense Publish time 2019-1-19 00:06:47

well after 5 reincarnations within a few months , we quickly ran out of things to do again and only broke our chances of doing Conquest Of Might because main is too OP striped stark naked :P
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