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adnane.bek replied at 2019-1-14 11:44 static/image/common/back.gif
i would also ask whats ur gemme lvls? and bwb speed? ur hogu quality and lvl? that's the real deal;  ...

Maxed t13 agi högy + lvl 10 agility gems. im only level 89 but the speed is like 512k dont have 3rd mod yet etc. also my ichimonji is only bankai so i can get alot more speed soon.

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EdmondGzv replied at 2019-1-14 11:15 static/image/common/back.gif
Get only 1 partner from Heroic Couple and wait Labor Glory and get 2 from there, or just get 2 at La ...

i feel like 2-3-0 is alot stronger because of the 100% combo rate on assaulters. But yeah i'll keep those things in mind thanks alot.

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k5gamers replied at 2019-1-14 12:10 static/image/common/back.gif
Maxed t13 agi högy + lvl 10 agility gems. im only level 89 but the speed is like 512k dont have 3 ...

u need much more indeed, but given ur lvl it is nice; i dont remmber how fast i was during that lvl but right now my bwb reached 2.5 million speed give or take, however i could haved made it sooner if i focused on content rather on partners recruitment; u should max ur stones on agility on him and also wisdom; prepare a good hp pool too (believe thats shiit load of gold and time)

dont forget the other partners ofc they need give or take same sets; also prepare some shiitload lvl130 boxes from csb or treasure map (around 2.2k gold per map) u'll need shiitload asauchi once lvl130 gear set; on that matter do u have all 5 players with aquiaria sets? if not the gift boxe surprize is the best deal to get max fast

after that yep some orange parters would be good, again better wait cuz 2019 will bring some broken new partners for sure, u already have the 2 sure thing assets already most complete supporter in game and best zan so far also; all u need now is damage on ur assault line and for now a muken stern ishida is the best combi ; i would play with a vanguard though to bring more resistence or inhence damage IE kugo or baka kenpa

goodluck and dont rush it; if u can stop the urge to collect anything and everything u should do fine, or u'll end having 50 partners for no reason (thats what i did :lol)
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