rythen Publish time 2019-1-15 10:39:14

Bankai Mayuri Modify preview (not final)

Edited by rythen at 2019-1-15 16:59


1. Immune to Silence,Chaos and Fury Reduction
2. Increase 20% Kido Attack
3. Increase 25% Speed
4. When attacked, clear all debuffs, recover 30% of own HP
5. When attacked, accumulatively increase 40% dodge rate of team.
6. Reduces enemys Hit Rate by 100%
7. When attacked, chaos Assaulters for 2 rounds

time to bring back koga pog

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-15 10:40:46

Imagine the amount of cancer if he was Vanguard. Clear debuffs/heal/increase dodge rate and chaos

melk Publish time 2019-1-15 10:51:36

Yukio mod come in handy :)

sivern Publish time 2019-1-15 11:06:39

no poison??????

Potdenutella Publish time 2019-1-15 11:14:38

ragfer replied at 2019-1-15 10:40 static/image/common/back.gif
Imagine the amount of cancer if he was Vanguard. Clear debuffs/heal/increase dodge rate and chaos

He is a vanguard.

Signed, Mix Formation Expert.

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-1-15 12:40:15

last 3 mods fails in my opinion,  u have 350-400% hit rate, so 250-300% after reduction mod, then let's say if the mod count attack from zanp at max 220% dodge , that's why is intended to be so slow?
every decent team have full shield, so chaosing assaulter is useless as a mod.
25% speed mod? Riruka will be faster..
bwb 35%, fbi 40%, yukio 45%
The only thing that remains for him is his skill, but so far 1 year has passed till release of bwb and just fbi comes close, but do less.

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-1-15 12:53:31

The fact that his support is the biggest down, you can choose from 10 orange supps, 3 assaulters and 1 VG, sickening.

jackthehorn Publish time 2019-1-15 13:38:25

No Poison or bleed effect, like signature moves.
Chaos is pretty much cleared away if you have ichimonji each round. Or HVI shield or any other partner generating shield.

Also clear something up: When attacked it clears all debuff? So like some debuffs are attacked after the player is attacked hence mod will clear that or when another time when its being attacked then it will clear the previously acquired debuff from being attacked?

StormShield Publish time 2019-1-15 13:39:35

Edited by StormShield at 2019-1-16 12:13

Let's bet how many things will not work on this partner. Do not worry everything will be done with intention. :lol

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-15 13:43:12

so a dodge meto with a bit of chaos not bad with koga i guess...

well the mod 2  and 3 may point out to a classic supporter; if he's a vangaurd thats damn interesting every hit he'll chaos assaulters and clear debuff; however a dodge meta would become stupid

depends on his skill and talent; wait and see for now his mods are orange lvl average not bad but not crazy also well i leave it to the fullbringer players but my team doesnt need some partner like this
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