ragfer Publish time 2019-1-18 20:13:35

Server downtime

Hi there, quick question. Will there be any kind of compensation for server downtime? Game was of (for me - EU server) for about like 5+ hours and could not do Ryoka

valerioscoty@hotmail.it Publish time 2019-1-18 20:53:59

who cares ryokas, it fucked up last day of seiretei attk

Devvoke2 Publish time 2019-1-18 21:39:17

expect a great UBP...one day

pockmeryn Publish time 2019-1-18 22:28:42

Really don't like the fact that when game is down forums r down too...Anyways missed like 120 inferno stones...That's worse than a single day of ryoka i suppose...As for compensation last time I think they actually gave us some gold...Hopefully they do give something this time too..But that's a very small chance that they do

trojandrew Publish time 2019-1-18 22:32:40

wasnt down long enough tbh, usually needs to be a full day or a major reroll they do

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-18 22:50:45

Compensation will be given out on Monday. No worries.
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