jokergang Publish time 2019-1-18 23:37:55

Hiki UBP Help!

Hello everyone. HELP!! My problem is I am a low VIP and have 7k vitality right now. The next UBP would probably have Hiki at 40k crystals.... does anyone know if I would get her if I start spending vits on day 1 of the event?????

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-19 00:39:03

not possible.

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-19 02:55:49

forget it man gonna be damn hard u better be vip8 or more to buy shiitload of vit every day

jackthehorn Publish time 2019-1-19 03:52:37

Unless you have 800+ Beauty games chances saved, leave this UBP. Its not even worth getting into.

KoroSu96 Publish time 2019-1-19 04:07:38

So i did some calculations ...i have 6k vit right now and if i don't use anymore vit i would need around 7.5k gold to use on the 500g-550crystals ... it's cheaper then a actual gold event if you really want hiki
+rebate is 150% until 23 of this month

fralloppo Publish time 2019-1-19 04:42:45

Save vit for something better

Potdenutella Publish time 2019-1-19 05:53:51

It's possible but it's risky, you'd need to purchase the vitality few times or have saved some beauty game.
Considering you have everything unlocked to the max, you get 182 vit a day, with a regeneration of 144.
That's 3260 free vit from these two alone, leave at 10.410 total vit (counting the extra BGs over 10 days) when 10.810~11.111 vitality is required for 40k crystal.
I once started with 7800 vit as a VIP0 and went well, I admit it was risky I had to use the BG 50+ times, could get a bit less if I had the auto-battle skip option at the start.

Ace_BleachOnline Publish time 2019-1-19 07:00:40

If u have spare gold then do it, incase you lack crystals on the 10th day

SolKnight Publish time 2019-1-19 07:12:04

Depending on your VIP level and how many coupons you have + your overall Vit intake daily.
Its possible but a very close call.
It will be easier if you share
your VIP level and amount of coupons or just how many times you are able to buy vit daily
, BG chances,
GF chances
vit from soul palace
The exact starting vitality and if you are able to do auto clear or not.

jackthehorn Publish time 2019-1-19 07:40:37

SolKnight replied at 2019-1-19 13:12 static/image/common/back.gif
Depending on your VIP level and how many coupons you have + your overall Vit intake daily.
Its possi ...

Low vip so probably not vip 4 hence the eagerness in his words in the first comment.:sleepy:
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