SidSalma Publish time 2019-1-20 04:52:19

Quick Question !

Hello there !
Can someone tell if me if yellow quality partner can wear red quality equipement, like the Dark set ?
Thx :)

bleach-2018 Publish time 2019-1-20 05:02:18

SidSalma Publish time 2019-1-20 06:33:43

Hmm, because the main can get to orange quality, i'm not 100% sure. Can u tell me if your yammamoto can wear the dark set, and then my question will be answered :p
Btw thanks ;)

Bindus Publish time 2019-1-20 06:50:17

the color of ur partner doesn't effect the quality of your gear. the only restriction is the lv of your partners and the one of your gears. so if your yama is lv 100 he can wear lv 80 red gear with no problem

SidSalma Publish time 2019-1-20 06:54:51

Ok thx ! I was unsure because of the hogus, but now I Know ! Have a great day

Potdenutella Publish time 2019-1-20 08:11:06

lol imagine advancing your most stacked red partner's gear to soul king and realize he cannot wear it anymore

SidSalma Publish time 2019-1-20 08:20:13

That was so point for my B.Renji ;P :funk:

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-20 15:53:49

Partners 'colors' only matter when equipping hogu. Yellow partner can obly equip yellow quality hogu, besides when hovering on hogu you can read what 'colors' partner needs to equip it.
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