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Who should I hire from Karakura?

I'm planning to top up for 20, and by the end I'll have 26 candies in total.
My formation is Main, Tavern Renji, Christmas Ichigo, Kommamura, and Kirinji Tenjrio. Lvl 74, bp 280k.

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-1-21 17:59:06

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Hi, you're still in the early stages of the game, so I think you have 3 options. 1.Sexy Yoruichi. 2.Cute Orihime. 3.Shin Isshin
1.Sexy Yoruichi does pretty good dmg and buffs even the supports, you have kirinji and at this level you still need his damage.
2.Cute Orihime buffs very well the assaulters and help them skill faster, so is very good for the team.
3.Shin Isshin, does pretty good damage and gives combo rate, skills every turn, very good early PVE.

So if u see, we picked only partners good for early PVE, you should focus doing events like Ryoka and Evil Spirits and they will help you kill first waves of ryoka and do good damage in ES.
I saw your team and I suggest you to change T. Kirinji with Kisuke Urahara as fast as possible but not now, now you should change Renji with Shin Isshin and Komamura Sajin with Cute orihime(the last only in PVE).
I say to change Komamura because in ES-Ryoka is better to hit with 2 supports and 3 assaulters. Like Kirinji(Kisuke)Cute Orihime-Main 8th skill or 9 depends-Shin. Isshin and Christmas Ichigo.
In PVP you should keep the supports and put Komamura instead of Ichigo, because Shin Isshin casts void on enemy assaulters if he is faster. You can use your Ichigo in PVP too, is just a matter of taste.
Sexy Yoruichi is good also, but doesn't skill everyturn so is less damage at ryoka/ES and combo rate on assaulters means you have a change for your assaulters to hit twice in 1 round.

I strongly suggest to pick Shin Isshin and Cute Orihime. You can buy Cute Orihime later from Soul Coultivation exchange reward, so you spend like 500 gold at max for her.

You should also aim for some ultimate equipment.
Doing what I stated before should make you kill the first waves of ryoka. when you have about 400-500k BP and ultimate equipment.
PVE: Cute Orihime-Kirinji-Christmas Ichigo-Shin Isshin
PVE: Cute Orihime-Kisuke-Christmas Ichigo-Shin isshin
PVP: Kirinji-Cute Orihime-Ichigo-Komamura.
PVP: Kisuke-Kirinji-Ichigo-Komamura (use kisuke because is easy to mod and he can easy T1 your team and he is from tavern)

Good luck

rugalb666 Publish time 2019-1-21 18:01:10

Y U NO BUY FURY STONES? do you t1 already?

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-1-21 18:30:49

Don't run to T1, get ultimate equip, cute orihime, shin isshin, or even yamamoto. You rent them now and buy them from Soul Coultivation.
And then u stack vit and wait for Tensa Zangetsu and other good things.
As you can see now is Hikifune who is better than Cute Orihime in every aspect.

Get asap a formation that can kill ryoka and after just use CSB shop and UBP for partners.

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EdmondGzv replied at 2019-1-21 17:59 static/image/common/back.gif
Hi, you're still in the early stages of the game, so I think you have 3 options. 1.Sexy Yoruichi. 2. ...
all in all solid advice...  I'd suggest Shura Kenpachi over Christmas Ichigo any day...  

also, I disagree with your PVP choices...   the teams should look close to this IMO...

Kazeshini, Kiuske, Cute Orihime, Shin Isshin, Nnorilta (as he is basicly the F2P Noza with that block rate he can attain)
Zabimaru, Kiuske, Cute Orihime, Shin Isshin, Zabi Renji/Shura Kenpachi/Sexy Yourichi (some are better than others, just depends on budget and where you are in the game, but honestly, Shura would probably be top of my list between the 3 for a low level, low VIP build)

that's an easier swap over, Nnorilta to Shura, although the better assaulter, you will need to build an extra weapon, and have some extra spirit stones on hand... plus, the fewer total partners you need built up to your main's level, the easier it is to get them there, and the stronger you can make each one usually!!

I call Nnorilta the budget Noza as he evos a fair bit of block, has a block bond, and with mod swap, can easily break the 200% block rate...  block damage is unaffected by damage rate, so F2P zanpacto minuses don't affect that damage, plus blocked hits deal a small fraction of what they would have, had they not been blocked...

just my opinion

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-22 02:39:24

wahht the peeps said above, what is ur plan after the first rent, cuz this event showos every month so u can re rent the partner again with the free candies;

just keep in mind this if u dont top up again on that event u should higher a partner that can be rerent for 10 candies max


Alensin Publish time 2019-1-22 17:33:22

EdmondGzv replied at 2019-1-21 17:59 static/image/common/back.gif
Hi, you're still in the early stages of the game, so I think you have 3 options. 1.Sexy Yoruichi. 2. ...

That leaves 9 candies left. What should I use the rest of the candies on?

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Alensin replied at 2019-1-22 17:33 static/image/common/back.gif
That leaves 9 candies left. What should I use the rest of the candies on?
I don't know what resources do you have..but I can tell you to have some priorities from that shop
1. I think you should aim for ultimate equipement-> socket stones ( don't forget to fully infuse before upgrade, protection stone is 100 gold and works for all lvl 60 sets)
2. T1-> basic fury stones, self explanatory

3. Hogu enhance-> only upgrade using hogu enhance T10 Hogu at least

4. The red enchant stones can be good situationally. Stand fast on vanguard, 8 fury etc
So everything you take from there is indeed good for you, don't refrain yourself and don't be afraid to make mistakes

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