ZeroGhostHero Publish time 2019-1-25 22:05:31

Decrease HP recovery

In the lvl 50 below character meta who has Decrease HP recovery and how do I counter it?

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-26 14:46:34

kill the partner that has decrease hp recovery.

ZeroGhostHero Publish time 2019-1-26 15:53:51

DeEmEn replied at 2019-1-26 14:46 static/image/common/back.gif
kill the partner that has decrease hp recovery.

wow you are an awesome mod great advice

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-26 16:48:19

Spend 5000$, get full orange team and kill him before he debuffs you.

But seriously, only way is to clear debuff or wait till debuff ends on itself.

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-26 17:47:31

ZeroGhostHero replied at 2019-1-26 13:53 static/image/common/back.gif
wow you are an awesome mod great advice

what else, do you have a partner at your level without spending money that can stun,chaos,silent,void,disarm,fury reduction, and etc with all the debuff to counter that partner?

Aratron Publish time 2019-1-26 17:50:48

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it was a pain in the A for me back in the day, the only way is to hit first and harder and live longer, stack your tank and fight fire with fire if the enemy has healer or try using the skill tha hits the assauters(or/and use also Lisa Yadamaru). But again you need speed+attack power(for main) and hp+def(tank) after you get in the next tier you take Yuroichi for assauters and/or harribel for support. Sadly there is no way to clear debuff at this point with tavern partners even in future you can only stop it before it is cast.

if you want it easy without any thought process just spend like some players..

kinghollow1 Publish time 2019-1-26 18:26:05

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I feel like the reason you are troubled with that is because you have 2 healers am I right? ;P

StormShield Publish time 2019-1-27 02:49:04

ragfer replied at 2019-1-27 00:48 static/image/common/back.gif
Spend 5000$, get full orange team and kill him before he debuffs you.

But seriously, only way is to ...

SolKnight Publish time 2019-1-27 04:16:44

Simple advice for early game is stack your major resources on main over vanguard instead of healers opt to use momo hinamori and ruikia kuhciki combo with the zanpaktou haineko and later kazeshini.
This game has always rewarded stacking over balanced unless your balance equals the opponents stack or you have the counter for stacked partner in question.
Later you can get either yammaoto or ikkaku madarame switch the stack to them or on to them for some time and start saving for a UBP for a red partner that can carry you and collect a proper team from ubp.
Leveling does not take to long in this game if you do dailies and level 50 will be gone as soon as it came and opt for PVE over PVP till you are level 100-120 and can do 3-7% to ES per hit atleast. Publish time 2019-1-31 04:01:18

ok before orange and op set up's... lets remember what we did....  To counter heals,  out spd the target, land a stun or chaos.  Mc has some skills that can counter heals and or can stun.   Also chars with death affects could really mess up team's.
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