Alensin Publish time 2019-1-27 18:48:33

Can someone explain growth rates to me?

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For example Ikkaku has a strength growth rate of 3. What does that mean? Does he gain a flat 3 strength every time he levels up or something?

Potdenutella Publish time 2019-1-27 19:39:41

Just some kind of multiplier to the base.
Ikkaku has a growth of 3 and let's say the base is 35, upon a level up he gain 36.05 point of strength (35 * 1.03) then 37.1 at the next level (35 * 1.06) and it keeps going until level 159...

don't quote me on that tho, and there are already 128904 threads about the growth rate.

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-1-28 00:35:27

Just keep in mind, the higher the growth rate the better? lol.

@ra5h_V Publish time 2019-1-28 00:38:04

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