Lucky__Black Publish time 2019-1-28 06:35:49

It's trial and error but even better word of mouth from those experienced

xb7gyahoo Publish time 2019-1-28 08:47:45

Its Chinese translated so it reads weirdly in English. It IS 90% of the original price.

Devvoke2 Publish time 2019-1-28 09:25:57

jackthehorn Publish time 2019-1-28 09:27:05

Devvoke2 replied at 2019-1-28 15:25 static/image/common/back.gif
plz stop using such profane language

-GoGames Employee who doesn't like profanity on his Christian  ...

Dont worry thread will be closed down soon.:P

adnane.bek Publish time 2019-1-28 10:14:20

i think the dude making this thread is right; a discount means a discount u hear a 90% discount means u'ill 10%; however again the translation in this game OMG!!!

Aratron Publish time 2019-1-28 10:54:57

the discount is presented not as -10% but rather like 90% of the original price very retarded way to show it but hey I'm not the one who is making this game

ragfer Publish time 2019-1-28 11:16:17

Ace_BleachOnline replied at 2019-1-28 10:31 static/image/common/back.gif
nah this guy has a point, it should display current discount 10% if the price is at 27000
they shoul ...

This is GoGames not VN

We don't fix nor update events here
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