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All my doubts about Void-> My post about Void

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all calculations are correct, if kokuto buff will work would be 130% atk buff, and 40% buff for dmg rate.
why does hvi hit 5?

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-2-12 15:28:43

I hit double in ES than someone from my srv, he does 18m per hit in void I do nothing. wtf is actually happening here

antijubei Publish time 2019-2-12 16:21:26

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what's his formation?
and whats ur formation?
and no the share mod doesnt work in void sadly ma dude

baldy01 Publish time 2019-2-12 16:33:57

simple main skill overwrites bwb attack mod xD
so instead of 50% bonus attack hvi ends up with 15% bonus attack gotta change that bro xD

Potdenutella Publish time 2019-2-12 17:13:33

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No no, you are forgetting the fact that none of the buffs can cumulate, they always replace eachother by the most recent one, in the BR the main was the last to cast a buff and this is what looked like :


Since they cannot cumulate, you could make the main slowest instead and make HVI skills with the 50% ATK buff from BWB :


And of course, if the Kokuto's halo was working :


Missed the extra fury, fuck that

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Potdenutella replied at 2019-2-13 00:13 static/image/common/back.gif
No no, you are forgetting the fact that none of the buffs can cumulate, they always replace eachothe ...

As always, thanks a lot for the explanations, Potdenutella.
I'm glad that this was my mistake and not just another bug, basically I will do some decent damage only when Kokuto's buff will work. Till then I'm just gonna use the RJ burn to do some damage.

Also thanks for the other comments that pointed my mistake.
Good to know, basically any decent DMG will still be 2m phy and at least 50% buff for atk. Thanks

baldy01 Publish time 2019-2-12 18:34:11

yeah u can use main combo skill to get that lucky 2nd hit in if hvi gives extra round to main as well that always helps i guess

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-2-13 00:06:47

Next time, maybe make a thread about Void, and every time you have to talk about it, post them in there? Or use this one as your grand post about Void.

jackthehorn Publish time 2019-2-13 05:31:39

may be change the Ti-Tle to "all my doubts about void"
I bet they will change upon each and every void.
      ----- The person who missed the void because it ended in 1 min 20 sec as per other peeps.:'(

EdmondGzv Publish time 2019-2-13 05:39:31

took your suggestions and will post for void in this thread
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