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Can i take back the cash i donate?

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Excuse me if its known to can or can't do this, i play almost f2p, but i hear on a server I played like a year ago that u can take back the cash u donate....i make an EBANX Acc so if i can take it back, i can donate to other one instead, maybe i need to donate more but idk, i buy like 800 Gold plx help to know if i need to buy more or i cant

srry if its now writte correctly my english is badly

Character name: Midori Inabi
             Server: US 598

kukutan Publish time 2019-2-17 18:36:57

i doubt u can do that if that was possible those who are vip 10 on lower realms wld just
go to new servers using that claiming as they spent tons on basicaly nothing when the new chars are super great like those who brought hyrinmaru back on time  for 20k gold  zangetsu not to forget players were spending gold on ubp  and buying the lvl 4 hogus  and such

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-2-18 00:21:02

I don't think you can do that lol.
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