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Poll Results For Assaulters Favorites

Here are the results After 10 Days of the poll. (Poll could not be continued as it was hidden probably due to trolling).
1. JUHA BACH aka YHWACH with a massive lead of 58.33%
2. Far behind we find Koga Kuchiki with 13.33%
3. In 3rd place we have tied at 6.67% Berserk Renji, Mugetsu and Shuhei Hisagi
4. in 6th Place the lovely Delicate Yachiru with 5.83%
5. Last position Shinigami Kensei with a meager 2.5%

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Gorgish Publish time 2019-3-6 08:56:46

I simply chose Yhwach because i like him as a manga character :D have no idea on any of these characters in game (cause i have none :D )

eldin.choopre Publish time 2019-3-6 09:40:37

Why people vote for B.Renji i still don`t know....

Ichigobankai2 Publish time 2019-3-6 11:09:37

Does this mean that yhwach is coming to the next Ubp?

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Ichigobankai2 replied at 2019-3-6 11:09 static/image/common/back.gif
Does this mean that yhwach is coming to the next Ubp?

Unconfirmed good news:



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Ichigobankai2 replied at 2019-2-19 00:22
because it's one of the best red assaulter

then probably mid year? or end of year? Publish time 2019-3-6 13:18:34

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YHWACH = Strongest
Koga = Coolest # 1
Byakuya = Coolest # 2
Mayuri = Strangest
Shunsui = Smoothest
Kenpaci = Biggest Badass
Soulking = Fashion Salon Upper-body sleavless Mannequin
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